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Balancing life and study: Can it be done?

If you’re like most people, you probably have a sense that higher education can help you go further (and faster) in your current job or career path. But with work or family commitments, your self-development may seem like it has to take second place behind after everything else.

We hope this short article answering 3 frequently asked questions can help dispel some misconceptions about the time required for study and help you think twice about balancing life and study.

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Discipleship: Why and How

Discipleship-talk is trending amongst church leaders. Why is such an old-fashioned word now so current? And what might effective discipleship involve?

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School Children

School education shouldn’t be battle of public v private

Time to admit, our current national vision for school education is a complete dog’s breakfast. It is clear that if we don’t act now, we are plunging towards a divided society. However the current crisis in Australian schooling is not caused by crisis of funding, but a confusion of narrative.

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